So different to sit alone


Medverkande: Mathilde Bascaules, Elin Flognman, Lena Birgitsdotter, Ammeli Engström

“Eleven years ago, Lena, Elin, Ammeli and Mathilde were jewellery bench mates at the HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design in Göteborg. We later asked ourselves, how can we revisit this special energy of work experienced back then, through our jewellery creation process when we are far apart working in our separate studios. For the Paris triennial Parcours Bijoux 2023 we reconnected our work benches with combined creating processes and presented an exhibition showing individual jewellery collections and collective pieces created according to the game of cadavre exquis.“

Vernissage & Artist talk: Fredag 3/5 kl.18.30


Vernissage och artist talk
Fredag 3 Maj kl 18.30

3 – 25 Maj 2024


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