Alex Krissberg


In this exhibition I have a selection of works I’ve made over the last 7 years in Sweden. I plan to move soon, but first I want to share these glass works with an audience.

In my work I’ve always focused on nature, patterns, and techniques.

I find that nature and pattern making have an almost therapeutic effect. Being in nature one can feel relaxed or even relieve stress. Patterns are similar for me. The repeating of a pattern, be it a daily routine or a physical patterned object brings a calm feeling of something you understand and feel, something you can rely on.

I tend to focus on craftsmanship and techniques in my work. I’ve always been interested in how things work and how they are made. What goes into making handmade objects and crafts inspire me to push myself and share that with others. I find the technical and skill side in glass working can be endless, but that difficulty and vast range of techniques make the material so immersive.

I think that glass as a material has a mind of its own, and as it wants to form its own shape, glass can be a stubborn material. I use skilled techniques while at the same time letting the blobby nature of glass work its magic.

Lördag 3 september kl 12-16

3 september – 22 oktober 2022


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